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Package Design
How to draw attention to the packaging?

Perhaps you have been exposed to a variety of different types of packaging represented on the shelves?

Indeed, it is very difficult to stand out in the market among the many competitors who sell the products of one category. To be the first among its competitors and attract the attention of consumers is in your product, you need to create a package that will stop at the first sight consumer choice is on her.

Creating attractive packaging is a guarantee of the success of product and brand as a whole.

Requirements for Package design
What are the criteria for Successful Package and Label Design?
The simplicity and memorability
Consumers tend not to pay attention to packages overloaded with many small details
Originality of shape
It leads to individual customer perception of the brand
Information representativeness
Having few seconds of eye contact with the product, the potential customer should understand if this particular good will suit his needs the best way
Emotional perception
For most consumers, the emotions that are aroused by brand are more important than functional qualities of the good. Here the color range and graphic design play a significant role.
Patent rights
Packaging should be unique and legally "clean". Package Design has to be checked and registered at Rospatent (FIPS), and only after this procedure company acquires all the rights on the Package Design, so no one else can use it.
Label Design Peculiarities
We define Product Label as a special mark on the product, made from a special paper label on the adhesive base.

The design of Product Label requires a professional approach in order to correctly allocate the text in a small area while giving the product a stylish and attractive look. Proper presentation of product-related information, accurate selection of font, and color combinations rise the customers' attention.

Package design main tasks:
  • Attracting customer attention
  • Informing about the product
  • Transferring emotions
Advantages of «Z & G. Branding»
1. We offer the professional approach to Package and Label Design, what is proved by a number of Russian and International Awards: 'Logolounge' (USA), 'Advision Awards' (USA), 'Granddesigno'(Russia), 'IDEA!' (Russia), 'MIAF' (Russia).

2. Our Strong Advantage is Result. We are working on your project until you say 'Agreed'! We are not simply providing the certain number of options, and ask to pay for developing more, we are working for Result!

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