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Z&G. Branding will rebrand your company, organization, business, or store. The service is a set of measures to change the company's trademark.

Both the brand as a whole and its components can be adjusted:
  • name,
  • visual design,
  • positioning.

This leads to a modification of the image formed in the minds of consumers. In other words, rebranding is the evolution of the brand.

In most cases, rebranding is required to bring the trademark in line with the plans of the company (firm, organization, enterprise) and the current state of the business. At the same time, the old brand is not completely eliminated, although changes can occur at all stages of communication.

Rebranding gives the trademark new strength, emotion, and freshness. The result of modernization is to attract the attention of old customers and win the trust of new consumers. However, it would be wrong to assume that rebranding only changes the visual elements of the brand (for example, the logo). In fact, such events involve qualitative changes in the positioning of a product or service. Almost all components of the brand are often revised during the modernization process.

It matters! We recommend that you rebrand consciously when you really need to. Modernizing a business in favor of a new fashion on the market can often cause serious damage to it.
How and why does the brand look different
Rebranding is a rather drastic measure that is used to change the vision and perception of the brand by consumers following the developed marketing concept. The transformation of the brand's appearance is primarily caused by a change in its "internal" content and is carried out if:

  • the brand was incorrectly positioned from the very beginning;
  • a trademark cannot adapt to changing market conditions;
  • the brand has very low recognition;
  • the brand began to lose significantly to competitors;
  • the trademark set new long-term objectives.
Signs of "emerging" rebranding can be a lag in the real pace of development of the company from the predicted and a decrease in the cost of the brand. However, it is not advisable to draw conclusions on this basis alone about the need for changes in the image and exclude the influence of other market factors: seasonal demand, the economic situation in the country, etc.

Rebranding does not mean changing individual elements of the corporate identity: the slogan, font, or logo. It affects the "core" of the brand, its new concept, which requires appropriate visual expression. To determine the need for rebranding, the company must objectively assess the current state of affairs, competitors ' strategies, and find out how employees (internal audit) and customers (external audit) perceive the brand. The extent of the changes depends on the components of the image that need to be improved. If the brand has a positive potential, it is more reasonable to preserve continuity. But in the case of negative brand perception, a complete change of positioning will be required.

When modernizing a brand, it is important to preserve the elements that contribute to its success. These can be attributes that increase awareness, or advantages over competitors. However, you will need to give up those details that take the trademark down.
Rebranding stages:

  1. Brand audit. The current state is analyzed, strengths and weaknesses are identified, the level of customer loyalty is established, and so on.
  2. The development of individual re-branding strategy. Identifying elements (such as the logo or packaging design) that need to be upgraded. It turns out how strong these changes should be.
  3. Brand renewal.
  4. Communication with consumers, bringing them a new idea for the company.

With a well-conducted rebranding, you can achieve key business goals:
  • increase customer loyalty;
  • attract the attention of a target audience;
  • change the associative range of images and improve the trademark image;
  • differentiate from competitors.
Rebranding is a complex and multi-stage process that involves a complete change in the perception of the brand by employees and customers of the company. It requires careful planning of the moment, a clear marketing strategy and a realistic approach — understanding what resources will be used to make changes and what results they will lead to.
Advantages of Z&G. Branding

  • We do not modernize for the modernization's sake.
  • We maintain continuity in cases where it is necessary.
  • We develop a unique trademark positioning.
  • Our works are protected as they are registered with Rospatent without any problems.
  • We are focused on results.
The rebranding cost is calculated individually. You can check the approximate cost of a full-service range with our Manager.

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