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Brand positioning
Brand begins where it the idea starts. The strong and unique idea that distinguishes the trademark from others is understood as positioning.

Problem of positioning is to find one or more features that can be used to separate a product or trademark of competitors.

Terms of positioning:

  1. Be the first – to offer good (service), which has not yet been, or improve it (the first release is the smallest and lightest laptop, the thinnest cell phone, or the strongest non-alcoholic beer).
  2. Differentiate from others – for example, the beer is only for men and for women (beer REDDs), sports clothing and equipment for hockey (CCM) or swimming (Arena).
  3. Available and understandable idea – if the idea is confusing and incomprehensible – it leads to a negative reaction.
  4. Consumers benefit – to provide physical and (or) the emotional benefits of the product (service) (chewing gum Orbit – white smile and protection against dental caries , chocolate bar SNICKERS – satisfies hunger ) .

You can search for your brand opposed by different criteria depending on the specifics of the market. The criteria for ranking can serve size, gender, age, price, social group, subculture, time of day, nationality, etc.

Examples of positioning:

Rolex = prestigious luxury watches for the wealthy people ;
Zara = fashionable casual clothes at an affordable price with the constant updating of assortment;
Ecco = comfortable shoes for life;
Vichy = Cosmetics;
Benetton = colored clothing for young people;
DHL = overnight delivery;
Volvo = safe car;
Mercedes = luxury car;
Toyota = reliable car;
Ferrary = fast car.

The majority of Russian brands have a pretty blurry position and the same ideas. The best part is not built on the principle of distinction and the principle of "we have the same" or "we do better." Properly defined positioning is the foundation for a successful brand's existence. Positioning – an argument that the power is not simply push the consumer to purchase, but also help him to feel the state of satisfaction from usage .

What is included in the design of positioning?

First, the development characteristics of marks (key features and advantages) which can be used to form subsequent to attract consumers to the future trademark. Based on the information to formulate a positioning options, determine the most profitable way to present the brand and at what points need to focus for a successful promotion. Secondly, the target audience and the segmentation of consumers (who will buy your product )
Advantages Z&G. Branding:
  • The development of a unique positioning. It will stand out from the competition.
  • One of our strongest advantages – this is the result. We are working on a project as long as the customer does not say, "Agreed!" Many simply provide a certain number of options, and then asked to pay ! We are working to result!

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